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Will EIMS be ported to Intel?

Yes, version 3.3 of EIMS runs native on Intel.

Due to a bug in OS X, PowerPC versions of EIMS running on dual core Intel Macs do not run reliably, file corruption and loss of email can result. See here for more details.

Should I use OS X or OS 9?

It is entirely up to you, I endeavor to make EIMS run just as well under OS X as it does under OS 9, and there doesn't seem to be any significant performance difference on comparable hardware. If you have no compelling reason to run OS X, my recommendation is to stick with OS 9, as it is simpler and lower maintenance.

Is OS 9 still going to be supported?

I plan to continue supporting and developing EIMS for OS 9 for the foreseeable future.

Can I upgrade from MailShare/AIMS/EIMS 1.x?

Yes, the EIMS 3.2 Installer and EIMS Light 3.2 Installer for OS 7/8/9 come with a utility to upgrade accounts, settings, and mail from MailShare/AIMS/EIMS 1.x.

Can I upgrade from EIMS 2.x?

Yes, the format of mail files and preferences used by EIMS 2.x is fully supported by EIMS 3, no conversion is needed. However I recommend using the EIMS Mail Utility to upgrade all mailboxes to version 3 format if you intend to use IMAP.

Can I purchase EIMS 3.2 or an upgrade with by cheque or purchase order?

Yes, Kagi can accept and process these payment options.

Is there a discounted upgrade from WebStar, WorldMail, or any other mail server?


Is there education or non-profit pricing for EIMS?






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