Useful 3rd party software that works with EIMS

NotifyMail - Instant Email Notification

NotifyMail is a new mail notifier; it works in cooperation with your server to notify you immediately when new mail comes in. It is not an active checker like your email client, but a passive listener, listening for a cue from the server when new mail has arrived. It reduces the load on the server and speeds up email response time. For additional information, please visit the NotifyMail website.

EIMS_WebAdmin - A free and Open-Source Web Administration package for EIMS (requires MacASP 1.0.2 or later)

EIMS_WebAdmin allow you to provide your users the power to manage themselves their email account, or entire domains if you wish. Being Open-Source, it is highly customizable to fit your site design or specific needs, and also actively supported.

MailTron Gateway - A free POP3 gateway

MailTron Gateway can be used to download mail from a POP3 mailbox and pass it to EIMS for processing and collection.

SimpleText Filter - A shareware general purpose filter plugin for EIMS.

Filter & Go - A free general purpose filter plugin for EIMS.

TOLD - A free spam detection filter plugin for EIMS.

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